The Day care project

Aanandit Charity Centre has been running various projects like scholarship, widow and single women support, Micro business support, need based support in different five districts of Nepal. Day care is another project being run here in Lalitpur only.

The Day Care project is one of the projects of Aanandit Charity Centre. It has already been in  operation for six years and through this project the underprivileged children are able to have better food, care and love. Poor parents are very thankful and happy for this support. Through the service, toddlers get good and safe environment and parents, mainly single mums, get the chance to work for their living.

Differences we are making

● The children/toddlers receive a safe environment to learn and play and have full care during the day.
● Love and care to the single women as well as underprivileged children.
● Healthy and hygienic foods according to the time table which builds the toddlers holistically.
● Because of the high fees on other Montessori and day care many of the people are not able to send their children to Montessori. Our care provides a chance for those who can’t pay such fees.

Activities for the children

● Helping children to speak and know the English and Nepali alphabets.
● Nursery rhymes, singing and dancing.
● Video time; watching cartoons, rhymes etc.
● Colouring and also teaching them to put the things in order after playing.

Playing materials for the children

● Blocks of alphabets
● Sea-saw, soft balls, dolls, alphabet boards, slider.
● Quite a few playing items have been donated by volunteers recently.

Shiva Sherpa

We have cared for more than 200 toddlers so far. Children go to nursery school after graduating from here. We are taking care of 15 toddlers at the moment. Here is the story of Shiva Sherpa.
Shiva is from Solukhumbu, Eastern Part of Nepal. He has two sisters. His father has died and mother got married to another person. Both his parents do the labour work. His stepfather earns money but does not look after the family, drinks alcohol and comes home late at night. With the mother’s income it was not possible to look after the family. It was really hard to go on work with the children. She heard about the Day Care from her neighbour and brought her child to day care. At admission time, he was very lean and under weight. His face seemed pale and was very dirty. Even when we lift him up, he was so light we were so surprised to see his body. Due to lack of nutritious food and care he was very weak. After joining Day care, now he looks smart and healthy. He looks happier than before. Even his mother told that after joining Day care, his behaviour has changed and is healthier. Her friends are saying “Your son looks so good after joining the Day care Centre!”.

Thank you!

Stories like Shiva’s make us content to serve more.
We are planning to build one play area in the church compound where our Day care is situated. If our need is met we can have more fun and educational facilities for the poor toddlers in the days ahead. Thank you so much for supporting our work to help the needy directly. We have three full time staff and one volunteer for this project. We all are grateful for your support.