Our Mission

We are registered Charity- Govt.Reg.No.  20673/397/579 ; SWC  Affl No. 25002.
We are serving the poor and destitute children since 2008 with the slogan:

Build The Children Build The Community

Our heart mission:

Motivated by the love and action of our Lord Jesus Christ’s acceptance of children into the Kingdom of God, we feel called to extend His kingdom by serving underprivileged children throughout Nepal, helping them to develop to their fullest potential.
We seek to accomplish this in the following ways:

●  Making provisions to meet their basic and educational needs
● Providing relevant financial and need-based assistance to the schools they attend
● Providing fun and recreational activities for their psychological development
● Empowering their family members through income generation and micro-credit activities
● Designing psycho-social and self-help programs for single women looking after their underprivileged children

●  Love: We are motivated and inspired by the Love of Jesus Christ to love each other.
Partnership: It is impossible to work alone for the needy and underprivileged so we believe in partnership with like-minded organisations.
Accountability: We use financial and other resources for the benefit of needy children and adults and are accountable to our stakeholders.
Unity in Diversity: God loves diversity and we will work in partnership with other faith groups; the exemplary work of our organisation should motivate them to seek and find the true God.
Faith: We believe in a Trinitarian God and Jesus as the only way to receive salvation. We will not waiver from disclosing and standing for our faith in Lord Jesus Christ whenever asked, either in joy or adversity.
Children’s Rights: Children are created in the image of God and can display His love and glory. Every child has the right to have all their basic needs met and to enjoy quality of life with decent education.
Growth and Learning: We continue to grow and learn from each other and will maintain the same attitude within our workplace.