Thank you for opening this page.

Please stand with us in prayer for the following:

● For all the projects of Aanandit charity. Everything happening through all the projects would be fruitful changing lives of people we are reaching out.

● For all the fifteen staff who are diligently working to reach the goal with love of God. They may be strengthen and empowered by our Heavenly Father.

● For all the financial resources we need to support the on going projects like children home, day care and sponsorship.

● For all the friends and partners who are helping ACC to move ahead with their generous gift. They may be blessed in everything they do.

● For all the borrowers who are doing various business taking loan from ACC/MFH. They would flourish in their hard work and bless others too.

● Please pray for us as Holy Spirit leads you to.

Amen. Thank you very much!