We would like to welcome you all!

What can you do?

● You can come and spend time with the children in the orphanage. Play with them, teach them music, English or other languages, computer lessons or anything else you can offer. Our children love to play and learn new things. These activities will build their confidence and help them to see the value of life. It will let them know that they are not rejected!

● You can come and help with our office work, editing our reports, giving us new ideas to make our work clear to people who have never seen us, or train our staff in any particular skills you may have.

● You can take part in the Dance Club, Football Club and the Friday Fun Club. We also have other church-based activities for all children aged from 4 to 16. We have seen many people come to know Jesus through these activities.

● Or you can advise us as to anything you know we can do locally to help children to grow in their full potential.

● You can even undertake voluntary experience working with our Micro Business borrowers. You can go and take part in their pig farming, tailoring, vegetable growing, candle making businesses and many more.