Micro Business Support (every life counts!)

Although the people in cities seem much educated, developed, advanced, but they cover only 20% of the total population. But more than 65% of the lands in Nepal are hills and remote mountains. People living in those places are still deprived of good educations and better job opportunities. That may be the reason that almost 80% of the total population is still involved in agriculture. Less than 40% of the total land is cultivable. What they crop are sometimes not enough for the family. They lack adequate facilities to live a desirable life and compel to live in a low poverty level which means lack of nutrition, lack of education, lack of health facilities and so on. For those people getting no employment is the major problem. Around 3 million Nepali work force are working aboard in Arabic country, Malaysia, India and in few other continents.

So, Micro Business Support was established under Aanandit Charity Centre to help those needy people by lending them Micro loans with small service charge. Micro Business Support helps those people who want to work hard and save for their future. As Aanandit Charity Centre believes in building the communities by building the children, MBS indirectly is focused in building the children by lending their parents to alleviate the poverty of the family.
So far Micro Business Support has lent 219 loans to different borrowers through six different cooperatives. MBS has lent the loans in Jiri and Thulopatal in Dolkha district, Bhardev, Lele, Kafaldanda, Dhapakhel and Imadol in Lalitpur district. From this year it is going to work in Sindhuli , Kathmandu and Sindhupalchok districts too. We are privileged to support poor families of Nepal in various parts.

MBS lends the loans in the terms of Revolving funds. Changes are seen on the life of those borrowers after they borrow the loans. Borrowers are very happy and they express it to MBS and they also appreciate the training that MBS provides to them before taking the loans.

Click the names below to read some of the life changing stories:

Asmita Ghalan

Phatta Bahadur Shrestha

Leela Bahadur Gurung

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Working areas of Micro Business Support