Phatta Bahadur Shrestha, born in one of the most rural hilly village named Okhaldhunga, Nepal spent his childhood in the same village. He finished his higher studies in the same village and came to Kathmandu seeking the light of fortune. In the beginning he followed his elder brother in construction work. He didn’t want to continue this job working as a construction labourer because he had some education and the work was very difficult and he could earn very little from that job.

Although he didn’t want to, he had to continue the same work until he gets any other better job. After working hard for some months, he learnt many things and he was doing well too.

He remembers those cold mornings of winter when he had to reach his working places in the early morning at 4 o’clock. Those mornings were freezing cold, the construction rods and other materials were full of ice.

As time passed, Phatta was interested in doing the same job of his own. He wanted to take orders for new sites. He started to do the works on his own, now his earnings were far much better than before but because he did not have enough capital to invest he was  not able to perform his works as well as he could.

He applied for loan in Micro Finance Himalaya. When he got the loan, he bought some construction woods and used them. Before this he had to hire those woods. Now he made more profits out of his works. Gradually he paid the entire loans back to Micro Finance Himalaya. Again he took second cycle of loans. He added more materials he needed in his works.

Now he earns more than fifty thousands in a month. He can see the changes in his life. His family and his children can get those facilities and things they desire.

Phatta is very thankful to Micro Finance Himalaya. Recently he formed a new committee to start a small group as a saving and credit cooperatives. He is encouraging people to take loans from Micro Finance Himalaya to do their business.