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Nepal is among the poorest and least developed countries in the world. Child sponsorship in Aanandit Charity is an effective way to give vulnerable children and poor communities a brighter future for developed Nepal. The goal of sponsorship is to improve the well-being of children. When a child gets a good education, it can alter their future for the better. Children need to grow up in a good environment that provides the essentials that they need for today and hope and opportunities for tomorrow. They need to be educated for life, be welcomed to participate in decisions that affect their lives and others.

ACC works with community groups and children themselves to plan and carry out changes so that more children will gain opportunities to fulfil their potential. This year, we are able to support 91 children 70 were general scholarships, 10 were for Dalit (low caste) students, and 10 children with disabilities received scholarships and 1 single women for their education and bright future ahead. We are very glad and thankful to our great God for all the sponsor children had passed their grade with good percentage. Out of this, more children had passed their (SEE) school Education Exam in good percentage and grade. We are very happy to see the progress and changes life of these hard working children.

Our Staff regularly follow up on our sponsored children, visit their families and schools to encourage and evaluate the progress. ACC project activities in communities benefit not just children registered for sponsorship but all children and their families in that community. ACC has various other projects which contributes for the whole community development. Please visit our main page to know more about them. This year we are supporting children from 3 districts of Nepal, namely Lalitpur, Sindhuli, and Sindhupalchowk.

We empower community schools where our sponsored children go with participating to develop libraries, building play yard, conduct educational and fun-filled activities, provide stationeries, computers, printers, and so on.

Below you can read about some children that are awaiting sponsors.

Bir Bahadur Syangtan

Bir, on the left, with his mother and two of his siblings. The man is the school principal and the lady in the red jacket is a village leader, with one of our ACC staff in the brown jacket.

Name: Bir Bahadur Syangtan
Grade: 1
Age: 5
School: Pita Primary School
Health: He is healthy

Family Background:  Bir Bahadur was born into a poor family. He is the youngest one. He has two brothers and one sister. Mother is very old and father died of an illness. His mother has various physical disabilities (muteness, deafness and walking problem).

Despite being married for many years, the parents could not have children and gave birth only at old age. This family are very far from having good food and needed clothes. After the death of her husband, due to her health condition, this mother could do nothing even cooking. If she tries, it takes her the whole day for a meal to be prepared.

Unable to take care of and educate her children, she had to give her daughter to one of her neighbors. Their condition has made their neighbors worried too. They try to help in whatever way they can. One can easily say looking at their condition what their future will look like if no one supports them. Our heart is to support this family and bring possibility of a good future for these children.

If you are led to support Bir, a sponsorship of 15 pounds or $25 per month will give him an opportunity to get an education.

See our donation page for details.

Thank you!

Menuka Sunar

Name: Menuka Sunar
Grade: 6
Age: 15
School: Shree Manikhel School
Health: She is healthy

Family Background: When Menuka was small, her father remarried and left home. After father left them, it became difficult for her mom to raise the children. So, Mom left them at auntie’s house and went to India. Menuka has one sister and two brothers. Aunty also has her own family. The family has three sons and a daughter. It has become difficult for them to feed and educate them all.

They live in a rented room. “Our mom never comes in contact with us & it hurts us”, says Menuka. Uncle works as manual worker and aunty works as a hired laborer in people’s field. They have been renting land and farming also to support the family.

“The grain from that farm is only enough for three months. All expenses have to be earned by my uncle. At present uncle’s wage is not enough due to long lock down. This kind of conditions always makes me cry”, says Menuka. “If you helped me to get educated, my desired to study would be fulfilled & I would never have to cry like this.”

We really hope, we will be able to support her.

If you are led to support Menuka, a sponsorship of 15 pounds or $25 per month will give her an opportunity to get an education.

See our donation page for details.

Thank you!

UPDATE: We are pleased to report that Menuka is now being sponsored. Thank you for your support!

Pratikshya Moktan

Name: Pratiksha Moktan
Grade: 4
Age: 8
School: Shree Manikhel School
Health: She is healthy

Family Background: Pratikshya studies in grade four. She loves to play and read books. Her mother got married to another man when she was young. At that young age, Pratikshya was alone. Her father is a driver and he usually does not come home. So, she was always alone. Now she is staying with her uncle who looks after her.

Pratikshya’s father hasn’t remarried yet and visits her sometime at her uncle which brings much joy to her.

Her uncle doesn’t have paid job but works in agriculture. He does not earn much from it but he has his own family plus Pratikshya to look after. Therefore, giving education and meeting other daily needs have become a huge challenge for him.

Our support will be a guarantee for her education. Please help us to give her future.

If you are led to support Pratiksha, a sponsorship of 15 pounds or $25 per month will give her an opportunity to get an education.

See our donation page for details.

Thank you!

Sambhabi, Supriya and Sasita Gole

Names: Sambhabi, Supriva and Sasita Gole
Grades: 1, 3, 8
Age: 6, 8, 14

Health: All are healthy

Family Background: Sasita is now 14 years old. Her home is in Kavre district. Both of her parents were alcoholic and had fight most of the nights. One day her father left home and mother also got married with another man and left home. As both parents left, Sasita was left alone. Her grandparents also stopped caring for her. The second family was also not good for her mother. She bore two daughters ( Sambhabi and Supriya above in the photo). Her second husband also treated her very badly and it got worst.

Her mother was upset with the daily beating of her husband and the behavior of his family members. So, she came back to her brother’s home with two little daughters. They all are living with Sasita’s maternal uncle.

Her grandparents and uncle do not have much land and property. They run the house on a daily basis. When we got chance to talk to Sasita’s mother, she was saying, “I want to see my daughters be able to get education and not become like me.” 

Only by proper education such stories will stop in the future generation. Alcoholism, domestic violence and child abuse should be stopped in any way possible.

We really want to support these girls. Please join hand with us to bring change in poor lives and in developing societies.

If you are led to support these girls, a sponsorship of 15 pounds or $25 per month will give each of them an opportunity to get an education.

See our donation page for details.

Thank you!

Abhishek Sapkota

Name: Abhishek Sapkota
Grade: 1
Age: 8
School: Shree Manikhel School
Health: He is healthy

Family Background:

Gita’s (Abhishek’s Mother) family is from Ramechhap. It was very
difficult to support the family because the number of family were large and the property was not much. Due to the situation at home, she and her husband decided to come to Kathmandu and fine some work. She had come to Kathmandu with her husband and two sons.

Gita’s husband can’t hear or speak. This disability kept him away from having a job. She was very disappointed as life got harder for them. No income means, no food, no money for the house rent. Then she left her young son at home and started to work in idol making. Since she believed in Jesus, she wasn’t happy about this job but because of her compulsion, she always went to work. The money she earned from there provided food daily and little was left for the children’s education.

Now, that work has been stopped because of COVID 19. It has become very difficult to make a living. She is worried about her son’s education, house rent and other daily needs. Thus, she is kindly requesting ACC to help for her son’s education.

If you are led to support Abhishek, a sponsorship of 15 pounds or $25 per month will give himan opportunity to get an education.

See our donation page for details.

Thank you!

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Russell Goodburn meeting with his sponsor children

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