Asmita Ghalan

Eleven  years ago, Asmita started working in a handicraft factory where she learned to make products from felts. She had to work very hard with a very low margin of wages. Some months she could not earn more than Nrs200. It was very hard for her to get day off on the Saturdays. So, she was unable to go to church. It was very hard for her to choose between church and work. But she had to afford her study and living. She also had to help her family economically. She was very disappointed to select her work. Making this decision for Asmita was very sorrowful and she was restless. For long time she could not go to church.

Gradually, she performed better in her work and she could earn Nrs 2000 to 3000 in a month. She learned and worked very hard. After working for more than three years she could be a teacher in the same office. She used to teach others to make varieties of felt products. Her salary was better than before. She could feel little comfortable with the salary but the problem she was struggling was being unable to go to church. And she was always looking forward to find a solution to this problem.

Because of all this, she wanted to start her own factory but due to lack of capital she could not.
She got a chance of taking loan from Micro Finance Himalaya in 2008. She bought raw materials and some furniture with that amount. She was very happy to start her own place to work because she could go to church now.

She used to get orders of goods from the same factory where she used to work before. She had her sister to help her in the business. They were still facing some problems, not having a washing machine was one. After paying all the instalments they took a second loan and they bought a washing machine. This made their work easier and quicker. They got some more customers and their work went on very well.
Time passed on, Asmita encountered a big and serious problem that was lack of working persons and small working room. Few months back, she shifted her factory in a big hall. And she has twenty two staffs including all the part time workers. She has earnings of minimum Nrs 25,000 in a month.

The greatest matter of happiness for Asmita is, she has time to go to church. She goes to church every Saturday and other fellowships whichever she can attend.
Asmita is very much grateful to MFH and she saves ten percent of her profits for God every month for providing her with this opportunity.