A man named Leela Bahadur Gurung came to our notice through a local pastor in Nagarkot, one-hour drive away from Kathmandu in a high hill area.   We have recently loaned him 25,000 NRS (£167) to start a small business.  He has made a good cart with a plastic tent for a roof and bought food stuffs with the loan for selling in his area.
He sells the food stuff with low profit and he gives more portions in comparison to other competitors so he gets a good number of customers.

Now he is very positive about the future ahead as he can earn at least some money for the support of his family. He is very thankful to ACC for showing him kind hands.

He doesn’t have to go abroad to earn money like other men leaving their family for long periods of time. He can be with the family and earn money to give them a reasonable life.

Recently he has taken second cycle loan to extend his business to add ice-cream. He is a man with vision and enjoying his business and loving to be with his family.

The story above is one of many we have seen through the work of Aanandit Charity.  Praise God!

Thank you dear friends and partners for enabling us to bless men like Leela Bahadur who are getting support to live a better life. Let’s make a difference one at a time!  Thank you!