Four years old Kanchan Pariyar is from Dhading district near to Kathmandu. It takes 4/5 hours by motorbike, or all day by public bus from Kathmandu to reach. She was with her parents and Elderly grandfather. Her father used to drink heavily. About 10 months ago her father killed her mother during an argument and now he is in jail.

After the death of her mother she started to live with her maternal uncle’s house at Lele, Lalitpur. It’s been really hard for him to take care of her because he is also very poor and responsible for his own children.

One day she fell down from the roof and was hospitalized. But there was no- one to take responsibility and pay the bills. So the doctor, who knows us, contacted the Director of ACC. We have visited her and saw the real situation. Now she is living happily in Aanandit Children Home. She is going to school with other girls. She is very cute and the youngest of all.