Project 2030 – Partners Needed

With great hope and prayer, I am sending this request to you. If after reading about our plans you think you can help and want to be part of this life-changing project please let me know. You are very welcome to put yourself forward for more than one role.

Prayer Group: We need at least 10 people to join this group and pray on a regular basis for the success of our 2030 Project.
● Partners who get involved will hold prayer meetings until we finish the project.
● Project coordinator will share the updates for prayer.
● This prayer group can then share within their own prayer groups.

Project Coordinator: This role will synchronize the project. They will oversee all the work locally and give regular updates to all the partners involved with the project. The coordinator will be working closely with the ACC director.

Marketing Manager: A key success of this project will lie in how we communicate our message.  If you have or know someone that has marketing experience and a willingness to do this work for Project 2030 that would be awesome. We want to share the great work of Aanandit Charity work in as many ways as possible! This role would be working closely with the Project Coordinator.

Website designer: We need someone who can help us build a great, useable website that makes it easy for visitors to find the information about the charity/project quickly and easily.  It should also be clear to website visitors how they could get involved and include a way to make donations.

Strategic Planning Coordinator: One in Nepal and one abroad to help coordinate fundraising activities.
● Create a plan to raise funds and attracts others to join the cause.
● Organizes fundraising events
● Presents our work to other charities, churches, schools etc.
● Work with the marketing manager to bring their fundraising plan to life.

Project Development Officer: Communicates locally, keeps records of accounts and does all the admin work including dealing with the Nepalese government.

Join us and your help will truly make a difference to the poor lives of those who need us in our extended territory.

Thank you!

Aanandit Charity Centre.