Testimony from Christine Braynis

Christine Braynis, England.
sponsors children through ACC,
visited Nepal and ACC in 2011 and 2014.

I have been privileged to visit ACC and see the wonderful work that they do for myself. With very few resources but with enormous amounts of faith, hard work and good sense, the staff at ACC are providing practical help to the poor in this area of Kathmandu. They respond to the needs of the people in the name of Jesus Christ with targeted projects that deliver what is needed, thanks to the financial support of those of us who are so much better off in comparison.

With our comfortable lives in the West, the reality of life in Nepal comes as a big shock and it may be tempting to think that the many problems of poverty, poor health, and the lack of education, employment and hope are too big and complex to be solved. But the truth is that even a little money in our terms makes a huge difference in the hands of an organisation like the ACC. They work at the grass-roots level to tackle these huge problems on a small scale, one life at a time.

If one life improves, the lives of their families do too, and that is what makes the work of the ACC so effective and so worthy of our support.