Karuna Sunuwar

Karuna Sunuwar lives with her mother. Her father left her mother when she was nearly 5 months old. Her mother did not know his whereabouts. Her mother suffered a lot as she had to look after this little one by daily wage based work. Her mother started to come to Aanandit church with a friend and committed her life to Jesus.

Her father came back home after 5 years and stayed nearly nine months with them. Mother was very happy to receive him back like a prodigal son but to their dismay he again robbed her mother. He asked her to get a big amount of loan for him to go to Malaysia; she took a loan and sent him to Malaysia but he never contacted her, until now. This deeply affected Karuna as well as her mother in every aspect of their lives.

The burden of loan and the responsibility to care her daughter who was six years old by then was unbearable for her mum. They had no land and property in the village or in the place right now. The room she rented needed to be paid and she had no job then. Being desperate for a job she started to work in bar as a bar dance. She says ‘Those periods of her life was a nightmare,’ but she had no option. Gladly after some time she started to learn tailoring and has a job now in this field.

She proved to people around her that it is possible to move ahead when God is with you. Many women in this condition commit suicide or leave the child on the street but she took the challenge of Life. By God’s grace and the help of her church she has overcome the battle!

Lastly, she is working in a tailor and from that income somehow she was taking care of her daughter. Karuna’s mother Maya is very happy now!

After the separation with her husband, her mother was mentally depressed as a result her mother usually bit Karuna very badly and showed all her anger to her. After our visit and our suggestion her mother sits with her and talks very clearly. As a result she understands all the problems and feeling of mother and changed her attitude.

Now she has a very good relation with her mother and able to progress on her education as well. Now she is helping her mother in her household work, attends school regularly and does her homework as well. Now she takes part in church regularly and attends kids’ fellowship. People here say, “Is this a same girl?”

After getting scholarship, it has been a great help to the mother to buy school materials for Karuna. When we meet them in their place we see them happy. The scholarship we are providing is supporting her to go to school and buy stationary she needs. This has changed her life in many ways. Today, Karuna is much happier than past days because she gets good education and builds up in her life with a hope in her eyes. Their relation has come in a new phase.. Karuna’s Mother is very grateful to Jane Turner and ACC for the scholarship as well as love and care they are getting.

Prayer Request:
Please pray for her mother’s work and for Karuna’s study. Maya is still praying for her husband. Let’s pray that she may receive God’s guidance in her life for the future. Thank you!

Your little support like five to ten pounds per month can make a huge difference in a child’s life. By 2014 we want to reach with support to 150 children. This can become reality by your little help.