Abishek Tamang

Abishek is 17 years old boy living in factory area with his parents and two younger brothers and a sister. He is studying in grade 10 in Sharmik Shanti Higher secondary school. His family is not Christian.

He joined the football club two years ago. He was not friendly and used to show his anger to all when we first met him. He had little knowledge of football rules but he was so eager to play the game.

After joining the club he has improved his skills and attitude very much. He is now the Captain of this club. He is now able to manage the small conflicts within the club. He is so friendly nowadays. He also teaches small boys. His family has noticed the positive changes in him. He also joins in the church service. He is a very hard worker.

We just took part in inter church football tournament. Our football team played very fair and disciplined game. They didn’t go very far in the tournament but showed they skill and passion for it beautifully. We ACC board and staff are very proud of them.

We feel very successful in terms of making platform for the younger boys to show their skill and grow in their potentiality. They can come and play and mingle with their peer rather than engaging in something can ruin their life slowly.

We have two football groups at the moment.

We hope to reach out to more young people who are rejected and left out from the society. These kind our youngsters hardly anyone giving free chance. ACC is very honoured to serve these youngsters and bring forth the testimony like Abishek.